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Upper Elementary, We’re On Our Way!

Posted by Joanna on January 19, 2017

ASM’s third, fourth and fifth year students began their next-level project by reading the book “Huff and Puff” by Claudia Rueda. Familiar to most of us as “The Three Little Pigs”, this story prompted a discussion about the physical properties of building materials. This project challenges students to create a structure that can withstand tornado-force winds, utilizing the engineering design process.

I enjoyed interviewing the third years about their experience in Upper Elementary. Their comments were as precious as they were insightful! Here are a few:

“I learned that I’m mature enough to go to Upper El. Older students can work harder and focus better than younger kids. Upper El students are better at including other peoples’ ideas than Lower El kids. ”

“I got to know people in Upper El. This was hard at first because I’m shy, but now I feel more comfortable.”

“I know the work will be harder but I think I can do it!”

“I was happy to meet up with old friends. I’m excited to move up to Upper El. It’s going to be fun!”

At ASM, we strive to make transitions seamless for our students. Next-level projects allow our students to become comfortable with their soon-to-be classrooms, teachers and classmates. I believe that next year’s upper elementary students are off to a great start!

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