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United Nations Day Celebration

Posted by Joanna on October 25, 2018

Dear Families,

Luckily, the rain held off for us yesterday as ASM celebrated United Nations Day, a long- standing tradition at our school. Dr. Montessori wrote, lectured and trained teachers world-wide on the importance of peace education and the impact that children could have in achieving world peace. Efforts to advance the rights of children dominated the last years of her lifetime when she became involved in UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

We celebrate United Nations Day in honor of Dr. Montessori and her involvement with the UN. ASM students prepared for this day in a variety of ways. Children’s House students studied flags from countries around the world and dressed in clothes that represented their cultures in the Parade of Nations. Lower Elementary students researched a variety of countries to understand different cultures and traditions and sampled several delicious foods from around the world at a luncheon. Upper Elementary have discussed the rights of the child and continue to learn about the UN’s sustainability goals. Middle School students are preparing for the Montessori Model United Nations conference they will attend in March where they will represent the countries Cambodia, Chile, and the Dominican Republic.

During the Second World War, Maria Montessori was exiled from Italy when her pacifist views clashed with those of leader Benito Mussolini, a proponent of war. After spending time in Spain and the Netherlands, she eventually traveled to India where she remained until 1946. Her experiences during this time had a profound effect on her beliefs and philosophy. Montessori became a vocal advocate for peace, and hence it became an integral part of her teachings. Our students are fortunate to learn about the meaning of peace and to develop an understanding of cultures that differ from their own. They are learning what it means to be at peace with themselves and others. ASM students practice the important skills of becoming peacemakers and I have no doubt that this will have a life-long impact upon them.

It was wonderful to hear the beautiful songs of peace yesterday morning at our UN Day Celebration. I cherish the way our community embraces diversity and I thank you for sharing your cultures and traditions with all of us at ASM!

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