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The Engineering Design Process Comes to Life!

Posted by Joanna on January 23, 2020

Ask, imagine, plan, create and improve! These are the problem-solving steps of the Engineering Design Process that students learn to follow. ASM introduces STEM in the Children’s House and continues with greater sophistication through middle school.

It is fun to see our youngest learners so eagerly engage in STEM challenges and it is impressive to see the transformation in their approach to ‘problem-solving’ as they mature.Recently, students in Children’s House 2 were presented with a challenge: there were paper leaves that were stuck high on a wall and they needed to get them down. The leaves were too high for them to reach by themselves. How would they solve this problem? Could they come up with a tool to use? Yes! The students were given a set of materials and they brainstormed possible solutions to create such a tool. In small groups, they made a plan to construct the tool, created it and then put it to the test. Finally, students reflected upon their design and the ways in which it could be improved.

The Seeds of STEM curriculum (from Worcester Polytechnic Institute) engages our youngest students to create, collaborate, communicate and think critically. A perfect match for Montessori!

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