Head of School’s Letter

The Benefits Of An Individualized Curriculum

Posted by Joanna on January 28, 2016

Why does ASM offer an individualized curriculum for your child?

At ASM, we nurture curious scientists, budding mathematicians, up-and-coming writers and creative artists who are already inspiring us. Our students have unique passions and individualizing the curriculum enables our students to remain excited about learning.

How does ASM offer an individualized curriculum for your child?

Observation enables teachers to understand who children are as learners and individualize the curriculum based upon their needs. Because of our small environment, teachers are able to observe students and their work which is integral to our teaching practice. At ASM, the curriculum is offered to students based upon where they are versus a traditional model which offers one curriculum to all students in a single grade. When students show a passion for a subject, challenging work is made available to them so that they can advance in that area and beyond their grade level.

ASM is a wonderfully safe place for your child to explore new passions and reach for the stars!

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