Head of School’s Letter

Strategic Planning

Posted by Joanna on October 20, 2016

What will the future hold for our young scholars? How will they adapt to a world we can’t possibly imagine? Will our graduates have the skills and habits of mind to solve the large problems that will challenge their generation? How will they make the world a better place for all of humanity?

These are the questions that faculty and staff will be thinking about when we come together tomorrow for a day of professional development. These questions provide the framework for a day of generative thinking that will inform ASM’s mission, vision and values. Our goal for tomorrow is to define a new mission statement, the foundation of any organization’s strategic plan. Our mission statement will serve to help us create the roadmap that will guide us into the next decade.

Led by the Board of Directors, ASM’s strategic planning process will unfold over the course of the year and provide our community with a shared sense of direction. The Strategic Planning Committee has been formed and consists of ASM’s board president, board committee co-chairs, head of school, faculty and administrative representatives and members of our parent body. Your views are also important and the committee will solicit your input through surveys, focus groups and interviews. I sincerely welcome you to participate in this process.

Thus begins the process of strategic planning for ASM! As we endeavor to imagine the best future for our school, please know that your children and their futures are at the heart of all that we do. Stay tuned!

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