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STEM: The Art of Engagement

Posted by Joanna on October 29, 2015

Last Friday I had the opportunity to go to the Massachusetts Science Education Leadership Association conference. I attended a session led by Dr. David Hammer, Professor of Education and Physics at Tufts University. I was struck by his comment “You don’t teach science, you do science.” He went on to say that when he teaches college level physics, many students have not “done” science. They have learned physics, but cannot do physics. They can take tests, but cannot initiate lab work.

I was also asked to speak at this conference because of ASM’s collaboration with Worcester Polytechnic Institute developing our Strategic Plan for STEM. We are now implementing our vision which centers around providing a learning environment where students do Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Last week, I had the pleasure of witnessing our vision come to life. I entered the American Room, which was transformed into a laboratory, with 40 eager scientists working in teams engaged in different stages of hands-on experimentation. Every single student was focused and happy, learning in a multi-sensorial way.

At ASM, I am confident that our students learn science by doing science. Students construct their own knowledge by engaging with the work: independently, collaboratively and enthusiastically!

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