Head of School’s Letter

Silver Lining

Posted by Joanna on April 16, 2020

Serving the ASM community has been my second most rewarding job. Leading and managing the school remotely is certainly not something I ever expected to do, but responding to any crisis goes along with being a head of school. I am grateful to all of you: parents, students and faculty and staff for your ability to rise to this occasion and for being flexible in thinking about what remote education means. Our main focus is on staying healthy and keeping our students emotionally safe.

We understand the difficulties that you are experiencing as you try to manage a full-time job and your personal life. Added to that now, is the responsibility of guiding your child’s education remotely. We are stressed, exhausted and craving our normal routines. Your children are experiencing many emotions and miss the structure and socialization that school brings to them.

My most rewarding job has been parenting my two children, now 30, and 28. Even though they are adults, there is nothing I would like more than to be able to have them home with me now, knowing that they are safe and feeling like I could protect them. I would like to have celebrated their recent birthdays with them in person, instead of over video chat. I would give anything to hug them and assure them that everything will be okay. I encourage you to consider this time with your children as unforeseen good fortune and as the silver lining within this pandemic.

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