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Science Fair: Onto the Regionals!

Posted by Joanna on March 29, 2018

I remember fondly my daughter’s first piano recital. The youngest students performed first, followed in succession by each older group, culminating with the more accomplished pianists. Watching the amazing progression of skill and talent filled me with anticipation and excitement for my daughter’s opportunities and possibilities in the future.

I had a similar experience during our recent Science Fair. The youngest participants were enthusiastic and proud to present what they had learned about the scientific method. Upon visiting the students in the upper grades, I could clearly see that the level of sophistication and creativity was further developed, and the students’ skills and knowledge more refined. The progression of learning that takes place over the years is nothing short of extraordinary!

I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to our panel of judges. Carol Artacho, Tina Collins, Julia Duggan, Jamie Trickett, Kelly Walsh and Amy Warner conducted interviews with our sixth through eighth year students and rated their projects. Ten participants will advance to compete in the Northeast Regional Middle School Science and Engineering Fair on May 4 at UMass Lowell. Please join me in congratulating the following students:

UE6     Xavia Banigan: Jelling with Gelatin
MS8     Abby Boyko: How Do Colors Change our Thinking Pattern?
UE6     Anna Du: Constructing a Vehicle to Locate Plastic Microparticles in Marine Environments
MS7     Arden Ferrari-Henry: Testing the Equal Time Argument
MS8     Brendan Feyl: The Farming of the Future
MS8     Lucas Garcia-Rogers: Inventing Perpetual Motion
MS8     Caroline Kelly: Keeping the Heat
UE6      Talia Maszer: “Secret messages:” Demonstrating Quantum Encryption with a Flashlight and Pair of Sunglasses
MS7      Johnny Meade: The Warmest State of Sodium Acetate
MS8      Meyer Rosen: Python:Deep learning Chat Bots

I appreciate the support shown by the ASM community and wish to thank everyone who attended this special event at our school. It is clear to see that ASM is inspiring future scientists, engineers and marketing professionals!

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