Head of School’s Letter

Safety First!

Posted by Joanna on April 30, 2020

By now you may have a loved one that has been affected by COVID-19. Whether it be a relative, friend or mere acquaintance, the virus feels closer to home than it did 6 weeks ago. If you are caring for someone that is ill, can’t visit someone with COVID or sadly, lost someone, my heart goes out to you. As of Tuesday, Massachusetts reported 58,600 confirmed cases. On Wednesday there were 60,265 and over 3,400 confirmed COVID-19 deaths. This is sobering news.

School health professionals and administrators await news from the state that will tell us whether we can operate our summer program this year. We look to state officials to inform us of the protocols that will need to be in place once school is allowed to re-open. We can imagine what that might look like but we won’t know with any degree of certainty until directives are issued.

While we continue to work to improve the remote learning experience for your children, we are planning for the future. We face significant challenges which require creativity and solutions-oriented thinking to solve. Please know that ASM’s faculty and staff are up for the challenges that lie ahead. In partnership with our parents, we continue to do everything possible to ensure the best education for each child at our school.

When permitted, we will be prepared to re-open and, as always, the safety of the ASM community will be our top priority.

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