Head of School’s Letter

Preparing for Parent and Teacher Conferences

Posted by Joanna on November 16, 2018

Parent and teacher conferences are right around the corner! Conferences are a time for you to learn about your child’s progress and are an essential component of your child’s education.

Come to the conference prepared to listen to what the teachers observe in school. They will speak to your child’s strengths and areas that need improvement. Samples of your child’s work will be discussed along with the mastery of specific skills and concepts using classroom materials. Your middle schooler will actively participate in the conference allowing them to take responsibility for their own learning and to develop metacognitive skills.

Let your teachers know what you observe at home. Bring a list of questions with you, in priority order. Is my child happy at school? Is my child making progress in all areas? How can I help my child at home to help with his or her progress in this area?

Each conference is 20 or 25 minutes in duration depending on your child’s program level. Be mindful that each conference should begin and end on time so that all families’ needs are met. If you find that you need more than your allotted time, be sure to ask for another meeting.

Tell your child that you are attending the conference. Children are typically very excited at this time of year, mostly because of the pride they take in their work! Afterwards, share what you learned. In addition to assessment, these meetings are an opportunity for you to strengthen the relationship between you, your child and the teachers, a contributing factor to your child’s success at ASM. Finally, throughout this process, your child will feel supported knowing that there is a whole team rooting for his or her success!


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