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Positive Discipline

Posted by Joanna on February 25, 2016

How do we guide our children, in a positive manner, to be more responsible and respectful?

This morning, ASM hosted the “Positive Discipline Workshop” presented by Kristen Ancker, a Montessori-trained educator and early childhood school consultant. Kristen provided valuable communication tools, tips and examples to help us foster confidence in our role as guides to our children. Through role-play and group discussion, we learned how to make requests of our children and what to think about when considering consequences. Kristen discussed five criteria for effective discipline:

  • helps children feel a sense of connection
  • is mutually respectful and encouraging
  • is effective long-term
  • teaches important social and life skills
  • invites children to discover how capable they are

If you were not at the workshop, there is an exercise that we recommend you try at home. Brainstorm a list of life skills and characteristics that you want your child to have at age 25. Once completed, you actually have a list of long range-goals for your child! Next, ask yourself if you are modeling these behaviors. Neuroscience research indicates that we have mirroring neurons and children mirror not just our actions but also our emotions.

Finally, we were told to have the courage to be imperfect and to know that there is no such thing as perfect parents or kids! For those of you who are interested, handouts from today’s workshop are available above the family mailboxes.

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