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Parenting Tips from Kristen Ancker

Posted by Joanna on October 6, 2016

Being a parent is a wonderful, rewarding and totally amazing experience! As parents we want to do our best, however as we all know, children don’t come with instruction manuals!

For many of us, there are times that we wish we had more tools in our toolkit when it comes to parenting. Last Friday, parents gathered in the American Room to attend a Positive Discipline workshop presented by Early Childhood Consultant Kristen Ancker. We discussed tools and strategies that can help us respond to parenting challenges. Here are just a few:

Become an asking parent instead of a commanding parent

Transform your command into a question. For example, ask “What are you taking to school so you won’t be cold outside?” as opposed to “Don’t forget your coat!” or “What is your plan for doing your homework?” instead of “Do your homework!”

Encourage versus praise 

In order for your child to feel good about him/herself, help your child develop intrinsic motivation versus seeking praise. Instead of telling your child what a great job they did on a certain project, encourage them by asking about its significance, their approach, etc.

Take a parent time-out

What happens when you haven’t had enough sleep, you’ve had a stressful day and your child acts out? You “flip your lid”. This frequently elicits a mirror response from your child and then you are both dysregulated and unable to problem solve. Tell your child that you need to walk away so that you can calm down. This will help you and model behavior that your child can then imitate.

If you missed the workshop, or would like more information on Positive Discipline, the website has a blog with many helpful tips.

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