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Parent Workshop with Sarah Ward

Posted by Joanna on October 26, 2017

Have you ever wondered what goes through your child’s mind when you say “It’s time to get ready for school!”? Some children might think that they have all the time in the world to get ready. Others might get anxious and think that they need to drop what they’re doing and begin rushing around in a frenzy in order to be ready. Or, another child might go through a mental list: I need to eat breakfast, make my bed, get dressed, brush my teeth, make my lunch, pack my backpack, make sure I wear sneakers because it’s PE day, grab my coat and get in the car.Which of these describes your child?

As adults we understand how it feels to manage large projects and prepare for important presentations, often juggling many of these tasks simultaneously. We have developed skills and strategies over the course of many years to become successful at our careers. Yet, there are still times when we misplace our keys, feel disorganized, or are overwhelmed by all of the demands placed upon us as parents, employees and partners.

Executive functioning describes the set of skills we use to set goals and complete tasks in an organized and efficient manner. It’s the ability to draw on past experiences and to apply that knowledge to a new experience. There are several functions of the brain that contribute to us having strong or weak executive functioning skills.

Sarah Ward of Cognitive Connections is an expert who helps children and adults develop strong executive functioning skills. She is speaking at ASM on Friday November 3 at 8:45 a.m. Please join us for her workshop, “Time, Tasks and Projects – Oh My!” Learn how you can support and strengthen your child’s executive functioning skills so that he or she can be successful in school and life!

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