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Parent Workshop: Fostering Self-regulation in Children

Posted by Joanna on September 27, 2018

When parents are asked what they wish most for their children, the answer is often happiness. What can you do to help your child discover his or her best self? How can you help your child to be peaceful in their environment? How do you effectively handle your child when he or she is out-of-sorts or exhibits challenging behaviors? How do you identify the underlying problem?

Please join us for a parent workshop entitled “Fostering Self-regulation in Children” with child development expert Jeanine Fitzgerald. According to Fitzgerald, “Self-regulation is a complex set of skills that exert influence over internal sensations and states. These skills are necessary for consistent performance, behavior and school readiness.” She goes on to say that without these skills, students may exhibit defiance, anxiety, impulsivity, distractibility or mood disorders.

This workshop promises to be lively and will examine strategies to help your child develop the skills to self-regulate. The feedback I received after our faculty took part in this workshop was overwhelmingly positive and I strongly encourage you to attend!

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