Head of School’s Letter

Next-Level Projects

Posted by Joanna on January 17, 2019

Re-enrollment season is upon us and at ASM, we understand your children’s concerns as they move from grade-to-grade and program-to-program. We are intentional in our effort to introduce your child to their new environment and do so in a variety of ways. Next-level collaborative projects, all-day visits and field trips with future classmates are planned specifically to help your children become excited about taking their next steps.

It is true that next-level projects introduce our kindergarten, third and sixth year students to exciting, hands-on units of curriculum. Our main goal, however, is to provide a nurturing environment for students who are moving up and a mentoring opportunity for those students welcoming them. The multi-age concept inherent in a Montessori education is powerful and especially evident during these projects.

I look forward to writing more about the next-level projects. In the meantime, be sure to ask your child about the work they’re doing in lower elementary, upper elementary or middle school!

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