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Middle School Students Impact Community

Posted by Joanna on October 10, 2019

Students delight in helping others and they feel good about themselves when providing even a simple act of kindness! Service to others fosters empathy and enables our children to have a greater understanding of the world beyond them. I loved hearing about the child who invited the new student at school to join her friends on the playground.

A group of senior citizens from Bridges Memory Care visited our Middle School on Tuesday. Students and seniors got to know one another by chatting about hobbies, childhood memories and likes and dislikes. All the while they colored, stenciled and listened to music. Some students played their musical instruments and one senior serenaded the group with a song that she sang in German!

A few students shared their thoughts on the experience with me. “I got this warm feeling – it feels great making other people happy.” “I like doing community service and it helps us and them with social skills.” “I can see myself doing more community service as an adult. It’s fun!”

ASM’s 2018-2023 Strategic Plan Goal 3: Impact Community states that “We recognize the importance of helping students become well rounded individuals. In addition to academic excellence students need to discover a sense of self and insight into the community in which they will engage throughout their lives. We will strive to create an environment rich in collaboration, hands-on learning and community engagement.”

Middle school students are looking forward to seeing their senior friends again next month. Based upon what I heard and observed, I sensed a deeply rewarding emotional connection. This is just one of the ways in which our strategic vision comes to life for our community.

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