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Middle School Reflections

Posted by Joanna on April 4, 2019

Have you ever wondered what makes a child succeed at learning? Meta-cognition is the ability to understand how one best learns. Meta-cognition can be developed; it is fostered through exercises that require children to reflect upon their learning experiences. Children who understand their own learning styles (how their brains work) are able to make choices that ensure success and utilize strategies to overcome challenges. Developing this sensibility can take years, and in some cases, well into adulthood.

ASM students have frequent opportunities to increase this awareness. Recently, seventh and eighth year students wrote reflections on their trip to Montessori Model United Nations. Paraphrased excerpts include:

  • “A piece of advice that I would tell future students when writing a paper like this is to never skimp on your research. Even though I felt I could use more research, I ended up with a good piece of work.”
  • “I learned that calming down if you are nervous is a lot easier than you think it is, and that in terms of talking in consultations, you have to be concise. I think that I did well in terms of being out of my comfort zone, and thinking technically and big picture.”
  • “I was able to collaborate with many of my classmates, as well as other students from other schools, some were even from different countries. We were able to work together, whether we agreed or disagreed with other’s opinions and actions.”
  • “Global warming is indeed an urgent matter, and it was satisfying to come up with real solutions with my fellow delegates to possibly save Earth’s climate.”

These are powerful, insightful comments coming from 13 and 14 year olds. The learning experience at ASM is designed very carefully to create and facilitate opportunities for students to develop meta-cognitive skills. As such, we provide an environment where children can learn and more importantly, can develop an understanding about themselves and their learning style that they can bring forward with them into the future. At ASM, students learn how to learn!

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