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Middle School Presents: Level Up Village

Posted by Joanna on March 10, 2018

With great enthusiasm, I share that ASM’s mission is being realized through programming such as Level Up Village. Our seventh and eighth years recently partnered with students in Cananea, Sonora, Mexico to collaborate on a climate change unit of study.

Over the course of eight weeks, students from the Instituto Anglo Mexicano worked with our middle schoolers through a series of video exchanges. Together, they researched trends in climate change, emphasizing energy alternatives such as hydro, solar and wind power. To educate others and enhance social awareness on the topic of climate change, ASM students and their global partners co-designed webpages using Weebly, a website design tool. Students also had the opportunity to learn a little bit of HTML and CSS during this process as well.

Dr. Maria Montessori’s life-long vision was to achieve world harmony by teaching children the value of peace. If she could have foreseen global STEM education such as this, she would have embraced it, not only for its experiential curriculum, but as a path to a more peaceful world.

ASM’s vision statement includes, in part, that ASM will inspire future leaders to connect with and positively impact local and global communities throughout their lives. Our Level Up Village project is just one example of how we embody our vision! Have I piqued your interest about Level Up Village? Join our middle school students next Friday, March 16 when they will present at the All School Meeting.



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