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Kindergarten & Lower Elementary Collaborative Projects

Posted by Joanna on February 7, 2019

Last week, I had the pleasure of observing the final session of our next-level collaborative projects. Over the past four weeks, our kindergarteners have worked alongside our first and second years to learn about the scientific method by observing parts of nature with the human eye, a magnifying glass and through the powerful lens of a microscope. Students were fascinated by the appearance of corn silk, a bee’s wing and a frog’s leg. Students collected data and then recorded their observations as a scientist would.

I interviewed a group of kindergarten students about their experiences. Here are some of their comments:

“I felt a little shy on the first day but also excited.”

“My mentor was kind to me and became my new friend.”

“The work was harder.”

“I learned to handle the microscope very carefully so that it wouldn’t break.”

“I practiced putting the slide in the right place so that I could observe it through the eye piece.”

“I really liked observing a bee’s wing through the microscope.”

“I liked everything about Lower Elementary – except leaving!”

Our teachers, along with student mentors, worked together to help your children feel prepared to take their next steps. By the end of this experience, the kindergarteners were clearly comfortable in the elementary environment. They became confident answering questions and making new friends, while discovering the beauty of nature at a cellular level!

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