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It’s A Mindset!

Posted by Joanna on November 3, 2016

What factors influence whether children are likely to achieve their potential? Are our skills and abilities fixed at the time of birth? Can our mindset influence our destiny? What is a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset? These are questions that ASM teachers and staff are exploring in our faculty meetings as we read the book “Mindset“.

Dr. Carol Dweck, a well-known Stanford University psychologist and author of the book “Mindset” has spent decades conducting research on achievement and success.  She concluded that your ‘mindset’ can actually help you achieve your full potential. Her research included asking asked questions such as:

  • Are your innate intelligence and talent fixed traits?
  • Can your abilities grow through dedication and perseverance?
  • What type of feedback develops self-esteem that impact learning in children?

A key factor in developing and fostering a particular mindset is feedback. Feedback provided to children can motivate them, make them complacent or even fearful. When in reality, making mistakes can lead to unexpected learning opportunities. Encouraging a child to persevere through a challenge teaches them that hard work will enable them to do things they couldn’t do before. As Montessori educators, we know that this sense of accomplishment fosters an intrinsic love of learning, instead of learning for the sake of the perfect outcome or grade.

ASM’s faculty and staff are life-long learners. We are always striving to improve and expand our teaching practices, including how we provide feedback to our students. Our professional development leads to a better learning experience for our students!

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