Head of School’s Letter

It Takes A Village

Posted by Joanna on November 10, 2016

I wish to extend my sincere thanks to the ASM community. “It takes a village”, the sentiment expressed perfectly by Michelle Finno, rings true based upon the success of our annual open house last Sunday! We heard from more than half of our prospective families that they learned about ASM from you. We all thank you very much for speaking passionately and positively about ASM – there is no more powerful endorsement than those coming from our own families!

Thanks to all:

  • Faculty and staff who planned and represented ASM at the Open House
  • Open House tour guides
  • Parent ambassadors at the event
  • Students who worked in classrooms
  • Facebook contributors
  • Families that hosted an ASM lawn sign at their home
  • Parent2Parent communicators
  • Those who posted ASM flyers
  • All those who communicated fact-to-face with neighbors, co-workers and friends

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