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Interdisciplinary Projects

Posted by Joanna on January 24, 2019

Interdisciplinary projects are a natural component of an ASM education. When students are able to make connections between different subject areas, they develop a broad and deep understanding of how the world is interconnected. Their approach to problem solving becomes more effective because they learn that multiple perspectives can inform their point of view. Interdisciplinary learning provides opportunities for teachers to collaborate thus creating community and understanding among faculty and students alike.


I recently saw a beautiful array of plates that our middle schoolers are making in art class. Andrea West, ASM’s art teacher, explained that making pottery called Delftware is part of a multidisciplinary project incorporating art and humanities. Our students are learning about Imperial China where the production of the first fine porcelain was a major industry. The Dutch were particularly captivated by the blue and white Chinese export porcelain. Due to its limited supply and excessive cost, they began to make ceramic copies of the delicate porcelain. Eventually, they developed their own distinct blue and white style named after the city of Delft, located in the Netherlands, where they were crafted.

This photo shows the plates which are currently being fired at the Magic Brush Pottery studio in Tewksbury. Please be sure to look for them on display after they are beautifully glazed!

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