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Goal-Setting in Upper Elementary

Posted by Joanna on January 18, 2018

The arrival of the new year is a time for reflection and renewal. Many of us set goals we hope to achieve that may be personal or professional. At different times throughout our curriculum cycle, ASM students go through a similar process.

Our sixth year students recently met with Mrs. Orlowitz and Mrs. O’Hearn to set academic, social and emotional goals. The goals can be short and/or long term and may arise from a student’s desire to focus on a particular skill or from a suggestion from a teacher. The process of setting goals and identifying steps to take in order to achieve these goals shows the increased expectations of the sixth year student: becoming a leader, being self-directed and improving in a specific subject area.

Once the goals are set, the students meet with their parents and teachers to share them. Check-ins are held throughout the remainder of the school year to monitor students’ progress. Students may need to readjust goals based upon their accomplishments, just as we do as adults.

The process of goal-setting and working to achieve these goals prepares our sixth year students for middle school. Goal-setting in middle school occurs regularly and forms the basis for discussion during the student-led parent and teacher conferences. This is an example of how practical life skills manifest themselves for our older students.

I have always been impressed by the goals that our students set for themselves. Learning this life skill at the age of eleven will prepare them for middle school and beyond!

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