Fall 2020 Opening

Learn more about our 2020-2021 Opening Protocols

Updated 8/20/20

Andover School of Montessori will be prepared to welcome its families on campus later this month!

This information will be updated regularly, based on guidance from Massachusetts Department of Public Health. In accordance with Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education requirements, we have created an Opening Protocols document.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will ASM open for in-person learning?

We miss our students and we know they need social interaction, even if at a distance! To that end, we are preparing for an in-person opening on August 31. We are doing everything we can to ensure our faculty, staff and students will have a safe teaching and learning environment.

If we need to move to a remote learning environment, what will that look like?

Middle School, Upper and Lower Elementary students will transition to a remote learning schedule that is similar to an in-person schedule. Students will engage in live group lessons and as needed, will have one on one time with their teacher(s). Independent work time, which is part of a typical in-person scehdule, will also be coordinated. Lessons in art, music, Spanish and physical education will be incorporated into the weekly schedule as well.

Information regarding the Children’s House remote learning schedule will be available in mid- August.

Will students be required to wear masks?

Face masks will be required for all students, faculty and staff. Frequent mask breaks will be incorporated into each day, and more often for our youngest students. When outside, when social distancing can be practiced and at the teachers’ discretion, students may be permitted to remove their masks.

If a student naps, we will try to have the mouth covered. At the very least, napping mats will be placed such that the students are socially distant.

Multi-layered cloth or 3-ply non-woven masks are acceptable.

What are the cleaning protocols?

Our custodian will disinfect the building each morning before faculty, staff and students arrive.


  • Disinfecting wipes and a sprayer will be available to clean materials after each use.
  • Tables will be cleaned after snack and lunch.
  • Children’s House classroom sinks have been upgraded to touchless soap dispensers and faucets.
  • A nightly janitorial service will clean each room and disinfect touch points (doorknobs, light switchs, etc.).


  • Our custodian will disinfect the adult and elementary student restrooms throughout the day.
  • Soap dispensers and faucets have been upgraded to touchless.
  • A nightly janitorial service will clean the restrooms and disnfect touch points (door handles, etc).

Will parents and visitors be allowed in the school?

In order to reduce exposure to our faculty staff and students, parents, vendors and members of the community will not be permitted in the building. Points of contact will be remote, at an exterior door or in a predesignated area on campus. Cleaning crews and service people (i.e., HVAC) will be allowed in the building after school or on the weekends. The space will be disinfected prior to the start of the school day.

Will ASM check temperatures daily? Will ASM require daily symptom checks?

Given the best research available currently, we will not be checking temperatures as individuals enter the school building. Students, faculty and staff who feel sick or exhibit symptoms during the day will be checked for elevated temperatures.

Faculty, staff and families will be asked to perform daily symptom checks, and we are currently looking into an app to help facilitate communication of results back to the school. Completing the app would be required prior to arrival at school. Individuals indicating symptomatology may not be permitted into the school building, and at the very least would be required to have a conversation with our school nurse and/or her designated appointee. More information regarding the app will be forthcoming. In order to maximize safety for all, we strongly urge that checking is performed for everyone in your family/household.

Will there be buses?

We are awaiting word from the town of Andover regarding the bus schedule for 2020-2021.

Will Before and After School Care be offered?

Unfortunately, we will not be offering Before School Care for 2020-2021 as we cannot prevent students from mixing with peers in other classrooms.

In order to accommodate students who arrive early (e.g., those who ride the bus), teachers in Lower Elementary through Middle School will have classrooms open and ready to receive their students at 8:00. This will ensure that students don’t mix with others from different classes.

The feasibility of our being able to offer After School Care is still under consideration.

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