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Exercise Your Brain!

Posted by Joanna on November 16, 2018

I think we all know that exercise is an important component in keeping our bodies healthy! In addition to improving our physical health, exercise also improves our cognition, or the ability to acquire knowledge. In his book Brain Rules, (2008) John Medina says “To improve your thinking skills, move.” Medina is a molecular biologist with a particular focus on brain development. Medina suggests that school environments should promote movement in order to optimize the process of learning.

At ASM, we believe in scheduling time for children to be out of doors, from Children’s House to middle school. ASM students begin their day with either recess or physical education classes. Our classrooms are  designed
intentionally to facilitate movement. When a prospective parent tours ASM, one of the first things they notice is the absence of rows of desks.

As educators, we believe in the connection between movement and cognition and look for opportunities to engage the child in movement. To quote another important scientist, “One of the greatest mistakes of our day is to think of movement by itself, as something apart from the higher functions. Mental development must be connected with movement and be dependent on it.” (Maria Montessori, 1949)

We are experiencing a broad range of temperatures in the morning. Please be sure that your child has outerwear appropriate for the weather conditions and morning recess.


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