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Distinguishing Characteristics of ASM students

Posted by Joanna on February 13, 2020

What are the distinguishing characteristics of ASM students? Montessori students are given opportunities to practice skills that develop perseverance, independence and leadership.

Inherent to the multi-age model, ASM students learn to be comfortable shaking hands, making eye contact, and conversing easily with adults. Building strong relationships with teachers and collaborating with peers is a natural by-product of our environment. That ease is evident to those who interact with our middle school students.

Most recently, seventh and eighth year students planned and orchestrated ASM’s Coffee House. Students began planning 6 weeks prior by brainstorming all that would need to be done. They organized tasks by category: program, setup, tech, advertising, decorations and food. They assigned themselves to a group and delegated action items. Committee members worked with Ms. Finno for the advertising, another with Mr. Kulis for the setup, the tech crew reviewed songs/acts for appropriateness, made sure they had MP3 files for music and setup the sound system. Finally, on the day of the event they were ready for the finishing touches. All the advance planning could be seen that evening during a delightful Coffee House!

This is one example of how Montessori students learn to lead. To be sure, the adults were there to guide them, but Coffee House is a student-led event. These “intangibles” are what set our students apart and provide them with experiences that will serve their future endeavors well!

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