Head of School’s Letter

Fulfilling our Mission: Innovative Learning in a Dynamic World

Posted by Joanna on March 19, 2020

As you read this letter we are officially on day 4 of a state-wide school shutdown. Many of you have been directed to work at home. We have all been asked to practice social distancing protocols, which we are told is our best defense against the spread of COVID-19. Despite the loneliness we are all feeling, I urge you to follow these guidelines.

ASM has successfully become a remote learning community! I am hearing so many positive reports of how well students are adjusting to the new normal. Our students in Upper Elementary and Middle School are on-line each day with their teachers and completing follow up work independently. Lower Elementary students are completing daily work plans with the help of their parents and also completing work independently. Advisors are meeting with their advisees virtually. Children’s House students are reliant upon their parents to provide them with a structured learning environment and facilitate their learning plans.

ASM’s administrators are working from home to keep the school operations running and to support teachers as they prepare additional curriculum to further engage students. Our curriculum plans will evolve as we learn. Mr. Kulis has been disinfecting the building regularly and meeting with contractors for work that is planned for the summer.

We are living through a historic event. We all have concerns for which there are no definitive answers. We are adapting to a new learning environment and I am proud to say that we are rising to the occasion. I am sincerely grateful for the spirit of the ASM community and its ability to work together during such a challenging and unique time. We are truly living out our mission. “Andover School of Montessori: Innovative Learning in a Dynamic World”.

Thank you for your partnership.

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