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Computer Science Curriculum

Posted by Joanna on February 15, 2018

Critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, computational thinking and persistence are skills that ASM students develop through our computer science curriculum. Higher order thinking benefits students across all subject areas. ASM’s faculty attended Code.org training in fall 2015 and we introduced the curriculum at that time. Since then we have seen our students in kindergarten through middle school embrace coding and the associated concepts with great enthusiasm!

Why is it important to introduce students to computer science before high school? We live in a digital age and technology plays a major role in our lives. Understanding the basics of computer science is a must for our students, even if they don’t specifically enter the field. Educators have observed that when computer science is introduced to young students, curiosity and interest is equal among boys and girls. When introduced later, elective courses in computer science are dominated by boys, up to 80%.

I had the pleasure of observing AMS’s kindergarten students engaging in a Code.org lesson this morning. All of the students were 100% engaged and their excitement was palpable!

We understand that future workplaces will compete for employees who can think creatively, solve multi-dimensional problems and innovate solutions to positively impact our world. At ASM, we are thoughtful and intentional about our curriculum, which is designed to prepare our students for the changes coming in the next decade.

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