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Community Partnerships

Posted by Joanna on October 13, 2016

Community partnerships allow us to extend the boundaries of our classroom and create exciting learning opportunities for our students. Developing relationships was identified as a goal in ASM’s Strategic Plan for STEM. To this end, we have made connections with Biogen, Corning Labs, Phillips Academy, Code.org and the Museum of Science. Most recently, we have partnered with Beyond Benign, founded by one of our ASM families.

Last week, our middle school students went off-campus to Beyond Benign, a not-for-profit organization “dedicated to providing future and current scientists, educators and citizens with the tools to teach and learn about green chemistry in order to create a sustainable future.”  The social and environmental impact of green versus traditional chemistry practices was discussed as applied to both industry and education. Students had the opportunity to utilize green chemistry techniques and the scientific method in a lab where they extracted essential oils from citrus fruits.

ASM was selected in 2014 to participate in Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s STEM Integration for Academic Leaders where community partnerships were emphasized as a critical component in developing a comprehensive STEM program. Since then, STEM curriculum is taught in all of our classrooms. Our students’ educational experience has been enriched as a direct result of the implementation of the Strategic Plan for STEM that came out of the WPI collaboration.

I want to thank Beyond Benign and all of our community partners as they support excellence in STEM education at ASM!

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