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Professional Development: Preparing for the Future

March 26, 2020

Tomorrow, March 6, ASM’s faculty and staff will gather for our scheduled Professional Development Day. Due to the onset of COVID-19 in the United States, we will spend the day planning for potential scenarios that may arise due to the virus. As we are seeing in other countries, school closure is one possible scenario. We […]


Seeds of STEM

October 17, 2019

How do young children solve problems using the engineering design process? Children’s House faculty and staff delved deeply into this question during last Friday’s professional day. Mia Dubosarsky of Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s (WPI) STEM Education Center engaged our staff in a day of creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. Engaging hands-on with the Seeds of STEM curriculum, […]


Bullying Prevention

September 28, 2017

During last Monday’s professional day, ASM’s faculty and staff had the privilege of hearing Dr. Elizabeth Englander, an expert in the field of bullying and aggression. She spoke to us about childhood development, bullying and cyberbullying. New this year, our teachers will be implementing the M.A.R.C. bullying prevention curriculum. In the evening, Dr. Englander addressed our parents and […]


It’s A Mindset!

November 3, 2016

What factors influence whether children are likely to achieve their potential? Are our skills and abilities fixed at the time of birth? Can our mindset influence our destiny? What is a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset? These are questions that ASM teachers and staff are exploring in our faculty meetings as we read the […]


Strategic Planning

October 20, 2016

What will the future hold for our young scholars? How will they adapt to a world we can’t possibly imagine? Will our graduates have the skills and habits of mind to solve the large problems that will challenge their generation? How will they make the world a better place for all of humanity? These are […]


Engineering Is Elementary And Fun!

December 10, 2015

“Creativity is intelligence having fun!” This quote by Albert Einstein perfectly describes our professional development day, last Friday. ASM’s faculty and staff worked in teams as we engineered a knee brace designed to restrict mobility. By the end of the day, faculty had utilized a myriad of tools including goniometers, fabric and fasteners to successfully meet our […]


Faculty Professional Development

September 17, 2015

ASM is a vibrant community of learners. This holds true of the adults as well as your children! In order to provide the best learning experience for your children, our faculty and staff are committed to life-long learning and to understanding the continual evolution of the science of education. This past summer ASM’s faculty and staff […]


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