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ASM: A Leader In Computer Science Instruction

Posted by Joanna on January 26, 2017

ASM is a leader among schools in our nation when it comes to computer science instruction. Just eight school districts in Massachusetts have partnered with Code.org since 2013 to incorporate computer programming into their curriculum. ASM’s faculty is trained and teaches coding concepts and skills to our students in Children’s House through Middle School.

In Children’s House, students use the carefully designed motor activities provided at Code.org and learn that programs follow sequential steps, or algorithms. In Kindergarten through grade two, students take turns, where one student “driver” connects the blocks that form the programming language, and the “navigator” advises on the steps to take. They persevere, solve puzzle mazes and debug their programs.

Third through sixth year students follow an individualized computer science curriculum. Through the code studio courses, the tasks and concepts become more complex. Upper elementary students work on computational thinking, pattern matching and abstraction and decomposing programs to debug. Programs are challenging as they are multi-layered with geometry and math concepts. “We did it!” can be heard as students consult with peers and give hints about overcoming obstacles.

In middle school, students strengthen their critical thinking and problem solving skills by having opportunities to take part in more advanced programming. Using the EV3 Lego Mindstorm, students engage in solving real world problems. By programming robots to execute sophisticated moves that incorporate the use of various sensors, students are able to control direction and speed.

At ASM, we are proud to have adapted so quickly to the growing need for education in computational thinking. We understand the importance of preparing students for their next steps in a competitive world.

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