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Annual Art Show

Posted by Joanna on April 27, 2017

The beauty of the fourth annual ASM Art Show will be on full display next Wednesday afternoon! The artwork adorning our hallways has been thoughtfully selected by each student for this year’s Art Show. I know you will be impressed at the abundance of talent from our young artists!

Art at ASM is an important component of our curriculum. In Children’s House, students are introduced to the exciting world of art through lessons that directly relate to world around them as they experiment with a wide variety of materials, from oil pastels to watercolor.  Elementary students discover the important role that art has played around the world and analyze the work of ground-breaking artists. Our middle schoolers develop a deeper understanding of the elements of art (line, value, color, shape, form, space and texture) and the principles of design (balance, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm and unity).

Across all program levels, the art curriculum is inspired by history and culture and is often directly related to classroom studies.  Students are encouraged to express their creativity and personally connect with the art they are studying.

I want to thank Mrs. West for bringing this wonderful tradition to ASM! Thank you to the parent volunteers who assisted her in displaying the artwork. I hope you can find a few moments in your busy schedule to come celebrate ASM’s talented artists!

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