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Annual Art Show Provides New Perspective

Posted by Joanna on April 28, 2016

The Third Annual Art Show is once again a feast for the eyes! Art at ASM is a wonderful experience where children express their creativity using different mediums, gain new skills and build their confidence. Imaginative works from every student adorn our hallways and display wide-ranging depth of talent!

New this year, middle school students engaged in a multidisciplinary project incorporating art, mathematics, the EDP (engineering design process), history and writing. As part of the middle school math curriculum, students chose a historical building to research, and then scaled it proportionally to create an accurate 3-D model. Experimentation with different construction materials and techniques over several weeks resulted in the buildings on display in front of the library. Finally, students wrote a reflection of their processes, evaluating what they might do differently next time, further developing their meta-cognitive skills.

I want to thank Mrs. West for bringing this wonderful celebration of student art to ASM! Thank you to the parent volunteers who assisted her in displaying the artwork. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity, I hope you can find a few moments in your busy schedule to come in and view ASM’s own dazzling art gallery!

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