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ALICE Training

Posted by Joanna on March 28, 2019

Each year the Andover Fire Department conducts several fire drills at local schools. Your child may have mentioned that ASM had its fourth on Monday. Our staff and students are well-versed in the emergency protocols that we have implemented at ASM. As usual, fire department officials were impressed with our timely response and orderly evacuation of the building.

Our students and staff practice various ALICE drills so that they learn how to respond to emergency situations in a calm and systematic manner.

What is ALICE?

Alert:           Alert people to the danger using plain and specific language
Lockdown: Barricade the room, prepare to evacuate or counter if necessary
Inform:       Communicate specific information about the intruder in real time
Counter:     Create noise, movement, and distance to reduce a shooter’s accuracy
Evacuate:   When it is safe, remove yourself from the danger zone

The ALICE steps are not meant to be sequential and are executed depending upon the individual situation which is communicated over our PA system.

Students in Children’s House and Lower Elementary learn about the drills in the context of a wolf being in the building, which is recommended by the ALICE Training Institute. Our older students learn about the drills in the context of being safe in the event that an intruder should come onto school grounds.

It deeply saddens me that our children need to learn about such dangers. It is important, however, that we teach them to react appropriately in time of crisis. As always, your children’s safety is my top priority at ASM and practicing how to respond is part of keeping them safe.

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