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On February 25, 2020, Head of School Joanna DeStefanis announced that she will be relocating to North Carolina. Mrs. DeStefanis came to ASM in 2013, and during her tenure, she guided the school through  new branding, coordinated its re-accreditation process and collaborated with the Strategic Planning committe to develop and launch its 2018-2023 Strategic Plan.

In preparation for Mrs. DeStefanis’ departure, the school’s Board of Directors has established a Search Committee composed of Members of the Board, current and alumi parents, faculty and staff to steward the process for selecting the next Head of School. The group is excited to find new leadership who will embrace ASM’s mission, vision and values while guiding the school through the next phase of its development.


Head of School Departure Announcements

Letter from Head of School Joanna DeStefanis

Letter from Board of Directors President


Search Updates

October 2020: Update from the Head of School Search Committee Chairs and Board of Directors President

June 2020: Interim Head of School Announcement

May 2020: Update from the Head of School Search Committee Chairs and Board of Directors President

April 2020: Update from Head of School Search Committee Chairs and Board of Directors President

February 2020: Head of School Position Statement


Who is managing the search process?

The Board of Directors’ Search Committee is managing the process. The group includes:

  • Directors – Kara Adams, Brian Banigan, Ken Feyl, Monalisa Shroff and John Zhuang
  • Faculty members – Sue Burns, Lauren Mrachko and Kara Vitiello
  • Administrator – Michelle Finno
  • Current parents – Joanna Barnas, Jocelyn Pan and Eric Trickett

The group is working in partnership with Mary Seppala, a search consultant with Educators’ Collaborative. Mary will recruit candidates and facilitate our search process.

What is the role of the Search Committee?

The Search Committee is charged with learning from members of the ASM community to define the qualities required of the next Head of School. The Search Committee reviews candidate files, interviews the most qualified candidates, and identifies three to four finalists who will visit our campus. After considering input from consituents who meet with finalists, the Search Committee recommends one candidate for appointment by the Board of Directors. Until the finalizst phase, the work of the Search Committee is strictly confidential.

Who makes the final decision on selecting a new Head of School?

The Board, with the recommendation of the Search Committee.

What is the anticipated timeline of the search?

Candidate selection: April 9
Candidate interviews: April 18
Finalist(s) selection: Week of April 20
Finalist(s) interview: Late April/early May
Offer extended to final candidate: Mid-May
Projected start date: July 1, 2020


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