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A Cutting Edge Curriculum For An Evolving World

Posted by Joanna on December 18, 2015

At ASM, we believe that a high quality education includes a robust, proven, yet flexible curriculum. The ‘Three R’s’ have a time-honored place in our classrooms and always will. However, our world is constantly evolving and our students need to learn new disciplines in order to be prepared for their life and work in the future.

In 2013, code.org was launched with their belief that “Computer science is a foundational field for all 21st century careers. All students can benefit from studying the basics of computer science, regardless of whether they want to be a doctor, politician, entrepreneur, musician, or astronaut. Computer science employment continues to grow. Computer science teaches critical thinking, logic, persistence, and creativity to help students excel at problem-solving in all subject areas, no matter what age.” Before integrating computer science into our curriculum, we researched, collaborated and reached out to experts in the fields of education and computer science. As most of you are aware, we were awarded a grant to develop a strategic vision around STEM, in which computer science is a major component.

Two years later, ASM is a leader among schools in our nation when it comes to computer science instruction. Just 100 school districts (out of more than 14,000) in the U.S. have incorporated computer programming into their curriculum. For many schools, changing curriculum is a major undertaking that can require years to implement. At ASM, we are thoughtful and intentional about our curriculum. We are also flexible and able to adapt in order to deliver a cutting edge education that will prepare our students well for the future.

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