Head of School’s Letter

Posted by Joanna on January 10, 2019

On Thursday, February 3, Middle School and 6th year students became genetic researchers for the day! ASM students made a trip to the Biogen Community Lab where they engaged in a hands-on laboratory, Chances Are, studying sickle cell anemia. They were introduced to genetics and the relationship between DNA and proteins. The goal of our genetic researchers was to find out the chances of a set of prospective parents, who both have a family history of sickle cell, passing the disease onto their children. Testing a sample of hemoglobin from both the mother and father, students needed to determine their genotypes and whether they carried the sickle cell gene. With this data, students calculated the probability of the offspring inheriting the gene, and then informed the couple in writing of their findings.

This was a unique opportunity for ASM students to collaborate with Biogen scientists while learning how to use sophisticated equipment found in scientific research labs. Throughout the day, they performed research and analysis and ended the lab experience by documenting their findings. We would like to extend a special thank you to Biogen for providing our students this wonderful learning opportunity and for their effort in promoting STEM education.

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