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A Robust STEM Curriculum

Posted by Joanna on April 6, 2017

Each year, WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) recognizes educators who are “dedicated to engaging and inspiring students in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields” at AweSTEM. Last week, our Library Media Specialist, Suzie Devine, was proud to represent ASM and showcase our success establishing and delivering a robust STEM curriculum.

Three years ago, eight representatives from our faculty and administration completed a year-long program which resulted in a vision and strategic plan for the implementation of a STEM curriculum for our students. Since then, all of ASM’s faculty have been trained in the engineering design process and STEM disciplines. Launched in the 2015-2016 school year, ASM now offers a rich variety of curriculum for all of our students, Children’s House through Middle School! Here is a sampling of some of the STEM design challenges and projects by program level:

Children’s House
Building an Adelie Penguin Nest
Constructing a Weather Vane
Building the Strongest Bridge
Code.org Unplugged Coding (no computer)

Code.org Programming Course 1
KIBO Robotics
Building Bridges Design Challenge
Sketching the Engineering Design Process

Lower Elementary
Code.org Programming Courses 1 and 2
Oil Spill Cleanup
Designing a Lunar Lander
Building a Boat That Can Float and Carry Cargo

Upper Elementary
Code.org Programming Course 3
Water Filtration
Building Circuits
Building a Shelter to Withstand a Tornado

Middle School  
EV3 Robotics Design Challenge
Scaled Model Construction of Famous Buildings
Applying Math to Building a 3-D Golf Course
Potential and Kinetic Energy Roller Coaster Project

Engaging in STEM activities allows our students to experience the interconnectedness of science, technology, engineering and math. These disciplines do not exist in isolation; when applied together, real-world problems can be addressed in meaningful and powerful ways. Persistence and social skills such as communication, negotiation and collaboration are also fostered through our STEM curriculum.

I would like to thank our faculty and staff for embracing the STEM curriculum with creativity and enthusiasm. Our students have responded in-kind with equal energy and excitement!

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