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Parent Emergency Notification System

September 24, 2015

ASM utilizes a parent notification system to alert the community of a school cancellation due to inclement weather or other potential emergency situation. We are judicious in our use of this system and reserve it for just the most important messages. The service enables us to send a message via phone and email to our […]


Faculty Professional Development

September 17, 2015

ASM is a vibrant community of learners. This holds true of the adults as well as your children! In order to provide the best learning experience for your children, our faculty and staff are committed to life-long learning and to understanding the continual evolution of the science of education. This past summer ASM’s faculty and staff […]


School Safety: ALICE

September 10, 2015

Safety is my top priority for our school community. Each school year begins with a myriad of safety classes for faculty and staff. We receive training in CPR, first aid and administration of Epi-pens. We practice evacuating the building in the event of a fire. Next week, we will practice with our students in anticipation […]


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